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YooMoney (form. Yandex.Money).
(But dua is better!)

Telegram bot

It will tell you the schedule of prayers for the geolocation sent, and also determine the halal/mushbooh/haram of the additive by its E-code or name. If the additive is unknown to us, we will find out about it and try to add it to the database. With this bot you can go to the store with the confidence that you will not buy haram of mushbooh.
P.S. Still only russian language, sorry.

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iOS Shortcuts: SalatTime

If you need a prayer times schedule on your iOS device, install our Shortcuts script.

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Version 3.3

Halal Info

Online service for determining the halal/mushbooh/haram of food additives (if you really do not want to use our Telegram bot).

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Not available now.