Frequently asked questions

What operating systems are supported?

The program is guaranteed to work on Windows 7 and later. Switching to other platforms is not planned.

How to replace sounds with your own?

The sounds are in the program folder. "alert.wav" - the sound of notifications, "athan.wav" - the sound of azan. You can replace them with your own, just remember that they should not have a longer duration.

Are there any hidden settings in the program?

Yes! Since not everyone needs these settings, we did not add the ability to change them from the program, but they are available through manual editing of the settings file, which is located in the program folder. Exit the program, open the file "settings.ini" (located in %AppData%\SalatTime) and specify the value "99" (enter all values without quotes) for the parameter "Method" instead of the existing one. Add the parameters below, each on a new line: "FajrAngle", "MaghribParam", "IshaParam" (most likely, they already exist). The values for each parameter are indicated as in the rest - after the equal sign. Parameter "FajrAngle" is responsible for the angle of the sun, on the basis of which will be calculated the time for the morning prayer; the parameters "MaghribParam" and "IshaParam" are responsible for the angle/minute for evening and night prayers, respectively. Angles are either as an integer or fractional (a point is used as a separator). Minutes is an integer with the postfix "min" (for example, "90min"). The value for "MaghribParam" indicates how many minutes after sunset the time for evening prayer comes; the value for "IshaParam" indicates how many minutes after the evening prayers comes the night prayer. If the parameter is not required, set its value to "null". In addition to the four parameters mentioned, there is also the parameter "ZuhrMinutes", the value for which (must be integer) indicates a fixed time for midday prayer. For example, if the midday prayer is at 12:33, and the parameter “ZuhrMinutes” is “45”, then the time for prayer will always be 12:45 (in some mosques the time of this prayer is always fixed).
Be careful: manually specified parameters can lead to incorrect operation of the program!

I did something wrong in the settings file, and the program no longer starts. What to do?

You need to exit the program and delete the configuration file.

Why the program does not describe events that it reminds of; there is no ayah of the day or something like that (built-in Quran, for example); no design settings; no map with the indicated direction to the Kaaba?

For why?